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Welcome to Smartees Montessori School. I am Oheneba Eshun Cobbina, the director and Founder of Smartees. As a Professional Educationalist, my desire is to nurture children into responsible adults.

At Smartees Montessori School, we create an enabling environment for the children to fill comfortable such that they see the school as home away from home.

We nurture children’s love for exploring their environment (nature) thus enhancing their love learning.

Diverse Elementary Class

Our core values

black-children-2 Learning
We accentuate learning and emphasize a lifelong commitment to learn.
Montessori Pupil Working At Desk With Wooden Shapes Mutual Respect
We share a respect for self, others, our world and our environment.
IMG_2074-23 Compassion
We demonstrate compassion and empathy with a sense of social responsibility.
blackstudentworks Self-Reliance
We teach students independence, critical thinking, social grace and courtesy.

Smartees Programs

This age-appropriate curriculum can be tailored to each child's needs.
Focus on developing supportive, trusting relationships with the children in their care.
These activities help the child to develop self helps skills, to take care of the environment...
This prepare children physically, emotionally, socially and mentally for formal schooling.
The primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life.
This area of study provides children with a first exposure to infinite and inspiring world of diversity...

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