Infant Curriculum:

  • Daily tummy time
  • Developing fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination
  • Developing gross motor movement
  • Cognitive skills
  • Language
  • Music

Toddler Curriculum:

  • Literacy and Math skills by use of language materials eg pictures, objects, puzzles, books, colour shapes, sand paper numbers etc.
  • Sensorial Activities -helps them to explore using their senses :
  1. Olfactory sense (scent jars, matching by scent)
  2. Tactile sense(matching, sorting, grading, puyyles, posting, etc
  3. Visual SENSE (MATCHING by texture, rough and smooth board, contrasting hands,  and soft surfaces found in the classroom)
  4. Auditory sense ( musical instruments, shakers, sound cylinders, etc)

Practical Life:

These activities help the child to develop self helps skills, to take care of the environment and to concentrate.

  1. Care of self- washing of hands, putting on shirts, sock, shoe, etc, combing of hair, tucking in a shirt, etc.
  2. Care of the environment- sweeping, mopping, flower arrangements, arrangement of books, bags, etc.
  3. Fine motor development- Beading, sewing, transfer( dry pouring, spooning, water pouring),funnel activities(eye dropper transfer)
  4. Gross motor development- climbing structure, walking on a line, carrying materials, math’s activities, chair activities, etc.
  • Grace and Courtesy – table manners, saying please, thank you, excuse me, waiting for one’s turn, etc
  • Art/Writing- painting, colouring, gluing, cutting, drawing, mosaic, writing, etc.

Pre-Primary Curriculum - Kindergarten:

  • English(reading, writing, rhymes, songs, etc)
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Arts
  • French
  • Science
  • Practical Life
  • Extra Curriculum Activities

Montessori education helps children to develop their intelligence and independence.

Teachers work with children in an individual as well as group settings.

Primary Curriculum:

  • Ghana Education Service(GES) curriculum – language(English, Fante, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts, Religious and Moral Education.
  • Social and Cultural Activities
  • French
  • Computer Lessons(ICT)
  • Practical Life
  • Extra-Curriculum Activities